Clean Sweep 2012 (resounding success)

We participated in our 1st Clean Sweep event today (which was the 27th annual event hosted by Keep Austin Beautiful. We targeted our 3 adoptions for some special treatment today with the help of additional volunteers.

18 volunteers participated and were split across the LAB 4th/I-35 Underpass, Nueces (5th-MLK) and Rio Grande (12th-24th). We picked up tons of trash (50-60lbs with lots and lots of cig butts) and finished some much needed paint based beautification along the bikeway. Great work everyone!

A big thanks to: Jordan Patik, Bo Stewart, Brain Horras, Lizzie Hannabass, Elizabeth Haynie, Jose M Rivera, Lori Bergeron, Hannah Calvert, Sarah DeShong, Andrew Stauch, Mary Stanton, Matthew Whetstone, Jesse Duncan, Theron Sweet, Cary Choate, Christopher Stanton, and Beck (the business not the band).

We would also like to recognize Ruben Sandoval and the City’s Graffiti Abatement Program for coming out a few days before the event (with short notice from our end) to get the piers sprayed off and the various wheat pasted posters taken down so we would have nice surfaces to paint.

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