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Example volunteer positions with descriptions are available at the bottom of this page.

Possible Volunteer Positions

Bike Club Assistant Instructor

We always are looking for caring adults to join our Bike Club rides, where we meet riders at their school (usually elementary students and some middle school) and ride with them to different destinations encouraging safe riding along the way. Bike Clubs often bike through areas with some traffic and we need volunteers to accompany our rides to guide our students in safe riding techniques. Assistant Instructors are paired with a Lead Instructor who designs and leads the rides. Assistant Instructors responsibilities are to arrive at their assigned school on time, ride with students and the Lead Instructor, and have fun!

Bike Club Assistant Instructor duties may include:

  • Assisting students prepare for the ride such as guiding them in putting air in their tires, ensuring that their helmet is fitted appropriately, etc
  • Riding in the back of the student group, ensuring student are practicing safe riding
  • Communicating with the lead instructor about the ride as needed
  • Have fun with students at the Bike Club destination!
  • Bike clubs usually take place between 3 pm – 6 pm, Monday – Friday at schools throughout Austin.

Bike Hub Shop Volunteer

Housed in a modified 20’ shipping container owned and managed by Ghisallo Cycling Initiative, the Hubs consist of a micro bike shop with an array of tools, stands, and parts for community members to use to repair their personal bicycles, as well as a bike fleet storage and management area.

Bike Hub Shop Volunteers duties may include:

  • Greet and sign in people visiting the Hub
  • Help visitors asses their repair needs
  • Provide support to visitors in repairing their bicycle
  • Provide helmet clinics to ensure proper helmet usage

Volunteers in this position would need to have some bike maintenance knowledge including changing flats, tightening brakes, etc. Training can be provided to prepare for this position.

The Bike Hub are located at Gus Garcia Recreation Center and Dove Springs Recreation Center and operate on weekday afternoon/evenings and during the day on weekends.

Golden Rollers Lead Instructor

Golden Rollers is a collaboration between the Ghisallo Cycling Initiative and the City of Austin Parks and Rec Department that provides an opportunity for adults aged 50 and older to engage in low-impact, tricycle-based recreation, exploration, and transportation. Volunteers would lead the tricycle group through the Boggy Creek Greenbelt area on bicycle, pacing the ride to meet the needs of participants.

Volunteer Duties may include:

  • Moving tricycles from storage area to riding area
  • Greeting and talking with program participants about the ride
  • Leading the tricycle group while on bicycle through the Boggy Creek Greenbelt area

This program takes place on weekday mornings at Conley Guerrero Senior Center and will soon be launching at Dove Springs and Garcia Recreation Centers. Volunteers would be expected to bring their bicycle and arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the program to prepare for the ride.

Special Events Volunteers

(Volunteering as a family welcomed!)

We often facilitate bicycle safety courses at public health and recreation fairs and need caring adults and/or families to assist us in running these courses.

Bicycle Safety Course volunteers may be asked to:

  • Help riders fit their helmet correctly
  • Assign bikes to participants
  • Direct the flow of traffic on the Bike Course

Special events occur throughout the year at locations all over Austin. Please see our calendar for information about our next event. We typically need 2 – 3 volunteers per special event. Please register for an event using this form or through our events calendar.

Community Contact

A Ghisallo Community Contact provides equitable access for all bicycle services and ultimately connects people to jobs, education and other essential services. Ghisallo Community Contacts are individuals that live in an Austin neighborhood who are not only helping us collect community needs information but also enabling us to deploy programs and services directly to neighborhood areas through staff and our volunteers. They strengthen community access to resources and services, including our educational bike programs, bikes, helmets, basic repairs, fix-a-thons, route planning assistance, bike parking, and events.

Community Contact duties may include:

  • Serve as point-of-contact for neighbors’ bike-related needs and concerns
  • Relay requests to Ghisallo staff around bikes and education programs/clinics
  • Assist leading Cycle Academy, City Cyclist, and Golden Rollers programs (as desired)
  • Share resources and information to neighborhoods around bike safety, mobility access, new trails and bikeways, and other opportunities
  • Connect residents with tools, helmets, bikes, and basic repairs

Volunteers in this position would be friendly, approachable, and community-oriented. No qualifications or educational experience required. Preference for those involved in or attend one or more of the following: active coalitions, organizing groups, neighborhood associations, community-based organizations. High priority areas include Runberg, Dove Springs, MLK, East Austin, Pecan Springs/Windsor Park area, and St Elmo/Joslin.