Conley-Guerrero Adult 50+ Trike Program Session #1 Recap

You can read about the launch of this program at the Conley-Gurrero Senior Activity Center (808 Nile Street – 512-978-2660) in the original announcement post here: Conley-Guerrero Adult 50+ Trike Program

We had an overwhelming response at the program launch with 47 seniors signing up wanting to ride the 5 trikes. The 1st Session consisted of 7 classes: 4 orientations and 3 trail rides. Riders first needed to participate and pass an orientation class to ensure they had sufficient hand strength to stop the trikes as well as leg strength and balance to ride them in a safe and controlled manor. 31 of 38 participants passed the orientation sessions.

These classes consisted of 30min classroom based instruction and then 30min riding in a parking lot to develop starting, stopping, turning, and obstacle avoidance skills. Only 15 graduates were able to participate in our 3 trail rides as we are limited to 5 trikes, so 5 riders each ride. All 6 classes in Session #2, which runs in November and December, will be ride based so that all of the graduates will have a chance to ride the Boggy Creek Trail or the Pedernales All Ages and Abilities Bikeway.

Our oldest rider is 89 and our youngest is in her 50s. The vast majority (something like 90%) of the riders are women, and we have had at least 4 or 5 people who had never ridden a bike before in their life, not even as kids. Many of our riders hadn’t ridden since they were teenagers, or even younger.

It has been inspiring to see so many of our active seniors not just get excited about the activity, but to see joy from rediscovering (or experiencing for the first time) the freedom a bike or trike can bring, tackling and succeeding at mastering a new skill, overcoming the fear of trying to do something they thought they had lost the ability (or told they were too old) to do, and pride in their accomplishment.

And a big shout out to Gladeys and the Parks and Rec crew at Conley-Guerrero, Mercedes, Preston, Beckey of Bike Austin, and Cammille of Black Girls Do Bike who are making this program an ongoing success!

Photos from some of the orientation classes:

20150922_093037 (1)




20150922_095559 (1)


Photos from some of the rides:










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