Two Wheels of Awesome 102

The Sanchez Bike Club always starts off by asking “where are we going today?” eager for the next adventure. Although we had to say no to biking to Miami, we did have a special destination for the last day of Bike Club for the season: hot chocolate at City Hall!

We cruised down the Ann and Roy Butler Hike and Bike Trail, confidently weaving through joggers, scooters and families strolling along the river. We arrived at the Java Café behind City Hall in record’s time and ready to sip some hot chocolate.

  A little dance party while we wait


As we sat on the steps in front of City Hall, we saw the preparations for Mayor Steve Adler’s lighting of a giant Menorah in celebration of Hanukkah. We also had the opportunity to say a quick hello to members of the Austin Transportation Department who are the masterminds behind the bike lanes we use every week.



We rode back to school, surmounting several steep hills and saying hello to every dog we passed. We locked our bikes up for the season but we’re already very excited to get back on them next year for some new adventures (maybe we’ll make it to Miami?).


Can you spot the Sanchez crew? 

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