Two Wheels of Awesome 109: Bike Club Adventures with the M Station Crew

Our summer Bike Club at M Station Apartments just had their first ride off campus! It was hot and humid but we did it with (almost) no complaints and we had a great time.

M Station Apartments is one of our new Bike Clubs this summer. Located by MLK and Airport, M Station is a Foundation Communities mixed income housing community. M Station Apartments includes a child and adult learning center, free before and after-school services as well as summer programs like our Bike Club!

For the first week of Bike Club we stayed on site and went over all the basics of riding safely on the road and in a group, doing the ABCD Quick Check and fitting helmets so we were all very eager to start riding this week.

Safety is the most important. We always get off our bikes and walk our bikes across busy intersections like these. (MLK & Alexander)


Quick water break before we get on the new path behind the MLK MetroRail stop that will take us to the Boggy Creek Greenbelt.


Check out these pros, staying in the correct lane and leaving room for other bikers and pedestrians!


Stopped at the Sustainable Food Center’s Community Garden where we got to meet some chickens.


Look at this crew!


We made it to the Rosewood Neighborhood Pool and back. Not bad for a first day riding! Next time we might have to actually jump in the pool to cool off. 


We can’t wait for all the upcoming adventures with this awesome crew.¬†


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