Two Wheels of Awesome – Episode 11

The CX 2015 Project offered to let riders from the Ghisallo Cycling Initiative CX Clinics partnership race for free at their Quest ATX Cyclocross Challenge race on December 20th.

Denzel (one of our Shop Assistants), brother and sister team Jesus and Tina, and Carlos all came out on the field trip. We all loaded into the Boys and Girls Club van with the bikes. Carlos came along to be a part of the cheering squad with Christopher (the Ghisallo Cycling Initiative) and Leo (Boys and Girls Club).

Jesus was rocking his signature red mohawk helmet, Tina decided a pink skirt and some calf-high boots would be her battle-gear. Denzel left his BMX bike at the shop, opting instead to ride a 26″ Mountain Bike for the off-road race.

The officials yelled “On your Mark, get Set, GO!” and the racers took off from the line. Denzel sprinted, pushing his bike, on foot to get clear of the pack with a well executed flying bike mount at speed. He held the lead the rest of the race. Jesus and Tina both worked their way through the pack and finished strong .

What did Denzel say when he finished and won? “My Mom will be so proud!”

We couldn’t be more proud of these kids for all the time they have put in at the shop and the effort they put into the race. They, and we, had a ton of fun, even when trying to get all of the sticky mud off the bikes after the race.


Fueling up with some S’mores:



Denzel cruising a long:





Tina powers ahead:





Jesus rocking the Mohawk and having fun:




Denzel celebrates his victory:




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