Walk to School Day October 2019

Walk to School Day is an international event celebrated in October of each year. Many communities join in with fun with safe events that invite students, parents, teachers, and community members to walk together, while educating about the benefits of walking. This past Wednesday, several of the Elementary Schools we hold after school bicycle programs at held their own Walk to School Day Event. Over 500 students were able to get out and get moving during this event.

Harris Elementary, which is located just north of the Mueller District, invited their students to meet at Bartholomew Park before heading in a parade-like fashion towards the school. The participants were rewarded with healthy snacks provided by Ghisallo Cycling Initiative.

Brooke Elementary, which celebrates walking every Wednesday with their Wellness Wednesday program, opted to invite all the students to walk for 20-30 minutes around the track to celebrate Walk to School Day. Only a few families live close enough to walk to school so this program provides a great opportunity for their nearly 300 students to enjoy the benefits of walking.

Joslin Elementary and Maplewood Elementary also joined in the festivities, helping to bring the community together and celebrate National Walk to School Day.

With the help of Safe Kids San Antonio, several schools in S.A. were able to get out and get moving during Walk to School Day too!

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