Two Wheels of Awesome – Episode 15

The students of Metz Elementary School had a great week!

All the kids had big smiles while completing their Bike Rodeo Badge. Bike Rodeos are one of the core activities of the Ghisallo Cycling Initiative. Bike Rodeos are instructional workshops where riders learn safety and practical riding skills to prepare them for riding independently in the future.

The young riders at Metz learned many useful skills during their Bike Rodeo, including: correct hand signaling, dodging obstacles and stopping procedures.

During the next class the students hit the road to practice communicating with each other while riding in a single place line. Students learned how to ride safely on gravel and the correct procedures for passing pedestrians. They showed great progress in learning these skills and an even greater enthusiasm to learn more!

The students are looking good working on their single pace-line skills!!



Students working hard, learning to ride safely on gravel surface.  METZ_BIKE_CLUB-20150210-01

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