Two Wheels of Awesome – Episode 23

Blanton Elementary officially completed the Ghisallo Cycling Initiative’s Earn-A-Bike Program! This program allows students to earn bikes by learning a set of maintenance tasks through the hands on experiences that come with rebuilding and repairing bikes in the shop on campus. Students in this program learn how to fix and maintain bikes while building one to bring home upon completion!

Blanton Elementary 3rd-5th graders worked in pairs to build their bikes over the course of six classes. Students learned how to work on a variety of models as their chosen favorites ranged from mountain bikes, to BMX bikes to cruisers. The shop atmosphere consisted of cooperation and excitement while students worked together to finish the bikes.

the Ghisallo Cycling Initiative held a Bike Rodeo when the brand new bicycle fleet was ready to be tested out! Instructors assisted students to practice and learn needed skills to ride their new bicycles safely. Once students mastered riding skills at the Bike Rodeo, they couldn’t wait to take their custom bikes home!

The excitement spread throughout the school with new students already asking about Fall programming! We can’t wait to build more bikes with more students at Blanton next year

Working together on the bikes.


Mugging it up with their completed bikes.


Taking it to the track to work on their skills.

Blanton-Earn_A_Bike-05  Blanton-Earn-a-bike_20150401-01

Showing off their new bikes.


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