Two Wheels of Awesome – Episode 24

Eastside Memorial students gained fame and notoriety this week for their participation in Bike Club! Students basked in the spotlight with pictures featured on posters at Eastside Memorial promoting interesting new clubs!

Living up to their reputation, the Club went above and beyond this week by exploring new routes in Austin. Students trekked ten miles on the Southern Walnut Creek Trail to the 51st Street YMCA! This long stretch allowed students to practice their gear shifting skills going up and downhill along the way.

Eastside Memorial has proven to be a shining model for our first High School Bike Club. With this older age group, there are many opportunities for finding new routes and riding longer distances than covered previously in Bike Club history. After this week’s long northern journey, the Club will head south next meeting to explore Roy Guerrero Park!

Eastside Memorial High School gets some much deserved recognition.


Exploring the Southern Walnut Creek Trail



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