Two Wheels of Awesome – Episode 25

The students at Martin Middle School excelled in riding to one of their favorite destinations this week! The Ninth Street Pump Track is an accessible BMX Park in the middle of downtown Austin. For Martin students, the reward of several small dirt jumps at the end of a scenic ride by the river has always made this spot a top choice.

The bike cohort maneuvered along Town Lake trail then through downtown to get to their destination. The biggest bike club this semester practiced many safety skills to get to the park. Traveling through downtown Austin teaches students various riding safety skills including: using hand signals, riding in double pace lines, speed control and observing rules and lane markings of the roads.

The girls in the class led the large group of riders on this trip to their final destination. Shakira worked hard and enjoyed practicing her riding skills on the course. She was so excited when she learned how to make it all the wat around the pump-track. The group rode around the BMX Park and ventured down to skip rocks in Shoal Creek before heading back to the school.

Shakira working the pump track.MARTIN_BIKE_CLUB-20150209-11

Adonette rides the berm.



Karla making a run at one of the jumps.


Kids and creeks, lots of fun.


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