Two Wheels of Awesome – Episode 28

One of the many new programs this semester was started at St Elmo Elementary School. The kids were super-excited from Day 1 to have the Bike Club during Primetime After-School program.

This was a special class as 8 of the 10 students were girls. This is a new mark as far as the class ratio of boys to girls. All the students had a great time working together as a group to help each other with the lessons and adventure riding.

The first day some of the students decided they would like to go by nicknames. These included, for the girls: “Jerry, Tom, Dave, Waffle and Pancake”. Juan decided he wanted to be called “Steve”, because it is the name of his pet turtle at home.

The students picked up on the lessons quickly. After a small Bike Rodeo, they were ready to hit the streets. This was the first time for some of the students to ride on the streets and sidewalks without their parents. They took to the challenge with big smiles while using the lessons learned in class.

We are happy to have St Elmo ES on board and look forward to continued fun next year.

Victor earns his Pump Badge.


The class gets ready for their first off-campus adventure. “Jerry, Tom, Pancake, Waffle and Bob” work together on their ABCD Quick Check.


“Pancake, Tom and Jerry”, with “Dave, Steve and Bob” riding SAG, lead the class off-campus.




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