Two Wheels of Awesome – Episode 31

The Mendez Bike Club made their second field trip to McKinney Falls State Park. After a semester of hard work, and plenty of fun, they certainly earned the trip.

The group powered through the 6 mile trip to the park. Along the ride the students were great, encouraging each other and using the skills they had learned.

Once in the park we took a short ride around to the picnic area for some lunch. But the real highlight of the day was the swimming at the Upper Falls along Onion Creek. The kids enjoyed splashing around in the cool waters, jumping off rocks and event tried to make a raft from a log.

Once we were able to get all the students out of the creek, we headed out for the return trip. Tired but happy they made it back to Mendez Middle School with big smiles and some good memories from the trip.

Michael was especially proud of himself. He came to the Bike Club early in the semester as a novice rider. On this trip he really showed all that he had learned and led the group along the route to and from the park.

Group photo at the entrance to McKinney Falls State Park

Mendez-bike_club-McKinney_falls-20150418 - 1

Time for lunch after a ride to the park  Mendez-bike_club-20150418-Mckinney_Falls-4

Chillin’ out on the rocks


Trying to make a raft out of a logMendez-bike_club-20150418-Mckinney_Falls-1


Michael is proud of his long ride, had a great time swimming, and can’t wait for the next trip!


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