Two Wheels of Awesome – Episode 33

Our first Summer Bike Club at Mendez Middle School has been a big hit with the students. We have continued the momentum from our Fall and Spring semester, with many new kids joining up for the fun.

Summer Bike Clubs are all about exploring and having fun on bikes with some education thrown into the mix. We have maintained that standard at Mendez Middle School with lots of swimming, trail riding and even some zip lines thrown in for good measure.

This Summer’s program has been extra special as we have had many girls sign-up. We have a strong focus on equity and typically have a good proportion of girls in our programs in general, but this Bike Club has really raised the bar. Some days we have had 5, 6 even 8 girls leading the adventures. This comes out to 46.4% girls taking trips by bike. This is important because these numbers are nearly double the national average of bike trips taken by women (24%), according to the Women Bike cycling initiative.

Girl Power in effect.


Heading into the trails

Mendez-bike_club-20150618-thu (3)

Mendez-bike_club-20150618-thu (7)

Mendez-bike_club-20150618-thu (2)



All locked up and ready for a swim


Time to hit the creek





The zip-line was a big hit


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