Two Wheels of Awesome – Episode 43

Yet another new program in Fall 2015 is at Perez Elementary School in South Austin.

After a successful PE based Bike Rodeo last semester serving 334 3rd through 5th graders we had a good turnout for our first Bike Club at the school.

The kids have progressed quickly and earning the privilege of cruising the trails around campus very quickly.

All 12 student rode together to a nearby creek to test the waters and cool off from the on and off road riding. While riding the kids worked on their single and double pace line group riding. Important skills for navigating the streets.

Before the end of class the students had earned their Inflate Tires, Basic Chain Check and Ready Rider Badges. A few of the students also earned their Community Service Badges for assisting the instructor with class management.

Perez-bike_club-20151004 (6)

Perez-bike_club-20151004 (2)

Perez-bike_club-20151004 (3)

Perez-bike_club-20151004 (4)


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