Two Wheels of Awesome – Episode 44

Martin Junior High School has always been one of the most successful Bike Clubs out of all our after-school programs. As this was one of our first Bike Clubs, we are happy to say that the tradition is still going strong.

We often have a good mix of riders from the previous semesters and new riders within the club. Our more experienced riders are very helpful with showing the new students the ropes. This was especially true this semester when it came time to venture to a well-loved destination.

With all their hard work, the kids earned a trip to the 9th Street BMX Park. Along the way the class took advantage of some new Bicycle Facilities from the COA Bicycle Program.

The kids thought the 3rd St Cycle Track was an awesome way to navigate Downtown Austin. They were zipping down the street, able to ride beside each other all the while protected from the regular flow of traffic.

A good day of exploring new ways to get around town and new skills on the dirt jumps.


Pumpin’ the rollers and hittin’ the jumps.



Jammin’ on the 3rd St Cycletrack





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