Two Wheels of Awesome – Episode 66

At Paredes Middle School we had the largest group of riders this Summer. We had a good mix of veteran riders and kids new to the bike club. The veterans were quick to help as we worked on the ABCD Quick Check, pumping up tires and putting on helmets. After some quick laps around the track to familiarize everyone with the bikes brakes and gears, we headed out to Mary Moore Searight Park for some trail riding. Along the way the riders made sure to yell out bumps and potholes in the road and turns and stops. This helps to keep everyone from bunching up or wrecking.

Once we were in the park we found some rugged trails through the woods. The kids worked on using their gears and brakes to get up and down the hills and rocky terrain. Everyone found out that trail riding sometimes you have to get off and push the bike over some of the rougher terrain. This did not deter the bike club. They all came out of the woods with big smiles and sweaty brows.

Great day of fun mixed with learning and practicing important riding skills.




ride overcreek



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