Public Bike Parking Facility Beautification Recap

After a long and patient wait while permits were waved and plants and soil secured we completed the landscaping project at 11th and Navasota! The goal of the project was to beautify the two un-landscaped ROW areas adjacent to the 11th and Navasota public bike parking island (concrete platform with 4 bike racks). We excavated

Boggy Creek Trail To Webberville Connector

Sometimes a little change can make a big difference, and often you have to wait for the right moment to propose those changes. Our executive director had been eyeing the Boggy Creek Trail for an improvement in how it exists onto Webberville since he uses the trail almost daily and when the current construction at

Ground Breaking News (literally)

Our proposed LAB 4th Street/I-35 Bikeway Landscaping Project is alive! This has been a year in the making and ground has finally been broken. Not only will this result in a much more attractive space, it will make it easier to de-litter the area during our monthly/bi-monthly cleanups. This project was initiated as a way

2011 KAB Litter Abatement Award Winner

Keep Austin Beautiful (KAB) has posted the list of the 2011 KAB Award Winners and we brought home the gold in the Litter Abatement category for our work on the LAB 4th Street I-35 Bicycle Underpass! Throughout the year we performed regular (~bi-monthly) cleanups (debris, trash, glass, dirt removal). The site was slowly transformed from