Ground Breaking News (literally)

20121205_1459501Our proposed LAB 4th Street/I-35 Bikeway Landscaping Project is alive! This has been a year in the making and ground has finally been broken. Not only will this result in a much more attractive space, it will make it easier to de-litter the area during our monthly/bi-monthly cleanups.

This project was initiated as a way to beautify the LAB 4th St/I-35 Underpass and add a recognizable identity to the site in addition to presenting a uniform appearance. This in turn will lead to the site being viewed as a used space and will assist in reducing it being an attractive nuisance as a trash collector, a visual eyesore, and reduce the time that is required to maintain the site. The section is one of the main East-West bike routes across and a non-street based connector across the I-35 corridor. Its heavy usage and high visibility makes it a perfect candidate for visual improvements.


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