Women.Design.Build Bike Maintenance ShopTalk #2

This was our second Bike Maintenance ShopTalk in partnership with Women.Design.Build and it expanded on the overview provided during ShopTalk #1 to provide hands on instruction of new new skills and techniques for keeping you running strong. We had free coffee from Texas Coffee Traders and we were hosted by the Yellow Bike Project, a

Public Bike Parking Facility Beautification (East 11th and Navasota)

We have been awarded a Keep Austin Beautiful grant to beautify a public bike parking facility in East Austin! The goal of the project is to beautify the two un-landscaped ROW areas adjacent to the new 11th and Navasota public bike parking island (concrete platform with 4 bike racks). We will need to excavate 2-3”

Rio Grande Reconstruction Project Ribbon Cutting

The Rio Grande ribbon cutting event for Austin’s first “Green Lane Project” is on Monday, April 23rd. The ribbon cutting ceremony is at 3:45pm with the inaugural bike ride on this new cycle track following at 4:30pm. This stretch is part of our Rio Grande adoption though Keep Austin Beautiful.