Two Wheels of Awesome – Episode 31

The Mendez Bike Club made their second field trip to McKinney Falls State Park. After a semester of hard work, and plenty of fun, they certainly earned the trip. The group powered through the 6 mile trip to the park. Along the ride the students were great, encouraging each other and using the skills they

Two Wheels of Awesome – Episode 29

the Ghisallo Cycling Initiative was excited to be invited to be a part of the first ever Baranoff Elementary School Wellness Day. The Wellness Day is different than traditional field days in that all children participate all day, in a cooperative, not competitive, atmosphere. It is a day dedicated to celebrating wellness, and it consists

Two Wheels of Awesome – Episode 24

Eastside Memorial students gained fame and notoriety this week for their participation in Bike Club! Students basked in the spotlight with pictures featured on posters at Eastside Memorial promoting interesting new clubs! Living up to their reputation, the Club went above and beyond this week by exploring new routes in Austin. Students trekked ten miles

Two Wheels of Awesome – Episode 23

Blanton Elementary officially completed the Ghisallo Cycling Initiative’s Earn-A-Bike Program! This program allows students to earn bikes by learning a set of maintenance tasks through the hands on experiences that come with rebuilding and repairing bikes in the shop on campus. Students in this program learn how to fix and maintain bikes while building one

Two Wheels of Awesome – Episode 21

The Reilly Elementary Bike Club hit the ground rolling this semester! Reilly Elementary students learned the ropes and hit the streets on their bikes this past week! Bike Club members spent the first classes learning basic safety and riding skills at the school. Ghisallo Instructors teamed with Co-Instructor, Matthew, to lead his daughter, Bella, along